1. Ring it In, In Style
Everything you need to celebrate the New Year, Tim's way.

New Year’s Party Decorating Ideas

The holidays aren’t truly over until the ball drops at midnight. See this year off in style while welcoming the new one damage-free with these party decorating tips made possible by Command™ Brand.

NOTE: Follow all Command™ Brand package instructions for proper surface cleaning and prep, adhesive strip placement and recommended weight claims.

Call out your hangout spot with a glitter card stock banner hanging with Command™ Brand products.

Step One: Choose a Hangout Spot

  • Like every party, a New Year’s Eve party needs a central area for mingling so your guests know where to congregate. Most often, that’s near a table with punch, champagne and noisemakers. Let them know this is the spot from afar by hanging your glitter card stock from Command™ Spring Clips above and around the table.

Set the mood for the party with holiday lights hung with Command™ Brand products.

Step Two: Set the Mood

Make that dance floor stand out with decorations using Command™ Ceiling Hooks.

Step Three: DIY Dance Floor

  • Just as your guests need to know where to freshen up their drinks and have a chat, they also need to know where to get into the rhythm. No one can resist busting out their favorite moves at a New Year’s Eve party. Help your guests find the dance floor with flashy party decorations using Command™ Ceiling Hooks.

Celebrate the New Year, damage-free with Command™ Brand Products.

Step Four: Ring in the New Year

  • When the party’s over, take your décor down damage-free. (Don't forget to follow the package instructions!) There’s no better feeling than starting a new year fresh with a clean slate and the space to match.


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